Flowing River Ministries Training Center

Flowing River Ministries is a training center designed to equip the saints for the work of the ministry. We offer a variety of classes from healing and deliverance, marriage, prophetic, baptisms, the creative arts, and more! Check out the website Flowing River Ministries.


Clearwater Healing an Deliverance

The Clearwater Healing House is a Jesus Christ-centered healing room ministry staffed with trained ministry teams. Many have been healed and touched through the healing rooms ministry. Watch the videos: (top) “Healed of Childhood Trauma”  (bottom) “Healed from Brain Injury”

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God’s View

God’s View Today is a talk show with amazing testimonies and teachings on subjects that are not often covered in our churches on Sunday mornings.  Some of the topics covered:  Generational Iniquity,  Soul Ties, Spirits of Addictions, Land Assignments,  Cultural Iniquities,  Birth Assignments plus Sounds and Frequencies of Heaven!

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Children’s Ministry

Children are very important to us and considered an integral part of the worship.  We offer quality, prayerfully developed teaching during the morning message for children ages 5 through 11 years old.

Mission Maya

Our church has an ongoing relationship with several Mayan churches in the Yucatan Peninsula of Southern Mexico.  We help support these ministries financially and help these indigenous churches spread revival to the Mayan people.  Teams from Flowing River Church visit them on a regular basis.

Living Bread International

Karen is the Apostolic overseer of Living Bread Ministries located in Jerusalem and Kenya.  Currently, Karen is preparing an orphanage for children who are born to the women who are incarcerated in the local prison. The children are only allowed to stay with their mothers until they reach four years of age.  They are often left to fend for themselves in the streets, abused and used in sex trafficking.  Karen also works in both the men and women’s prisons delivering the good news of the gospel and changing lives. Her heart is to the poorest of the poor and also operates several feeding stations.