Clearwater Healing House

The Clearwater Healing House is a Jesus Christ centered healing rooms ministry staffed with trained ministry teams. Many have been healed and touched through the healing rooms ministry.

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God’s View

God’s View Today is a talk show with amazing testimonies and teachings on subjects that are not often covered in our churches on Sunday mornings.  Some of the topics covered:  Generational Iniquity,  Soul Ties, Spirits of Addictions, Land Assignments,  Cultural Iniquities,  Birth Assignments plus Sounds and Frequencies of Heaven!

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God Loves Israel

God has not forgotten His people Israel! This pages’s purpose is to remind and inform the Church and the world of God’s eternal plan for Israel.

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We Are Remnant (WAR)

We Are Remnant combines the musical talents of many of the  young adults of Flowing River Church into a praise worship band. This band produces many of its own original pieces and leads the congregation into the high praises of the Lord.


Evangelical Outreach

Donna Lamb oversees this evangelical outreach to the community using the prophetic gifts and healing to witness, and encourage.   They are called treasure hunters because they seek out God’s treasure—His loved ones who need to hear from Him.

They begin their excursion by first waiting on the Lord, soaking in His Presence, until they hear where they are to go and are given words of knowledge concerning certain individuals—much like clues!  Armed with this Holy Ghost inspired information, they find the ‘treasured’ one, using the clues the Lord gave them, and pray for them using the words of knowledge they received.  Whether it’s for salvation, healing, or a word of encouragement, the Lord always leads them supernaturally to His divine appointment.

Mission Maya

Our church has an ongoing relationship with several Mayan churches in the Yucatan Peninsula of Southern Mexico.  We help support these ministries financially and help these indigenous churches spread revival to the Mayan people.  Teams from Flowing River Church visit them on a regular basis.

Healing River Revival Ministries

David and Irene Mundell regularly go on missions trips to India to spread the joy of God to India’s people and to see them develop a personal relationship with Jesus as their Lord and savior.


Prophetic Art

“Pursue love, and desire spiritual gifts, but especially that you may prophesy.”
(1 Corinthians 14:1)

Prophetic art is another arena in which God uses His people to declare His voice. Ps .19 also tells us that the heavens declare His glory. We all know how the beauty of creation often speaks to us about the many facets of God’s nature. He is the Supreme Artist! Because we are created in His image and likeness, that same creative anointing is within us also.

Every piece of artwork prophesies and declares His glory and we receive each piece as a fresh prophesy from Heaven to the body.

We also have available to purchase custom hand painted silk worship flags. Please visit the two sites below to purchase the flags and banners available.

Abundant Storehouse

The abundant storehouse is an outreach to those in need of some of the basic necessities of life: food and water.  The day starts with a bible study at 1:30 PM and then patrons received food from the food pantry.  After meeting these needs, the Word is delivered to those in attendance.  Joanne Lee and Irene Mundell oversee the Abundant Storehouse Food Pantry.

Infusion School of the Arts

Infusion School of the Arts is here to provide an environment that encourages creativity in the performing arts through acknowledging the gifts and talents God has given each of us. All of our teachers strive to not only mentor you or your child in the arts of dance and music, but to show you a view of how these talents and skills can be used in a way that will be fun, exciting, and meaningful.

We have a class for everyone! Join us to explore and perfect your talents!