Power of Sound, Frequencies & Words to Heal

By August 13, 2021Events

September 11th-Saturday
9:30 AM-12 PM (Lunch) 1 PM-3 PM

We will be covering topics concerning the sound of your words and the effects on the human body as well as the various frequencies of sound God has created to heal and give you peace.  Sound waves carry an anointing that the Holy Spirit has designed to for us to heal and to walk in divine health.   Lunch will be provided for a donation and there will be a ministry session during the last hour.

Some of the topics covered: Sonoluminescense, Schumann’s Resonance, Physics of sound, Cymatics, various hertz and how they effect the human body.

PLEASE REGISTER  www.clearwaterhealinghouse.org
Or call: 727-461-1100

Donation based ministry


You will need your syllabus.  If you would like one, please let me know through the above link and I will have one available for you to purchase $20 at the door–cash, check, or card.