Heal the Sick Part 3-Sound & Words

By May 10, 2020Events

Saturday, May 30th
9:45 AM to 12 PM
12:45 PM to 2 PM-Ministry Workshop

This class will cover the effects of sound on the body via worship and words. Science, which continually tries to prove God wrong or deny His existence, ends up doing just the opposite. The Creator cannot be denied.  His evidence is everywhere and He wants you whole!

Please register for this class.  We need to be able to plan for lunch and space availability.   If you have recently purchased a syllabus, please bring it with you.  If you would like to purchase one, please let us know.  They will be available onsight at Flowing River Church for $20.

Click here to register:  www.ClearwaterHealingHouse.org

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