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Deliverance from Regions of Darkness
July 23rd Sunday 7 PM
July 30th Sunday 7 PM

Do you feel like your soul is trapped in a region of darkness?

This is  two part series in which each session builds upon the other.  Please plan to attend both sessions.  Learning this biblical perspective on deliverance is a great tool and strategy for the healing and deliverance ministry.  Many have been set free using this concept.

Kathleen Peck will teach on several Biblical Regions in the spirit that can trap your soul. Ex. The Land of Forgetfulness, where you are constantly overlooked, rejected, and alone. The Land of Jackals where you feel chased, depressed, and restless. The Land of Wandering-where nothing lasts, because you keep moving.

There is no charge for the sessions but a love offering will be taken.