August 24th-Friday 7 PM
August 25th-Saturday 7 PM
August 26th-Sunday 10 AM

 Anointed for joy! Designed for His pleasure.

Mitko and Albena Dimitrov are revivalists from Dolbrich, Bulgaria.  Mitko’s DNA is to present the Bride of Christ to her beautiful Bridegroom King. Do you long to stay in His Presence, feel His embrace, to know HIm more and to be known by Him? You are anointed for joy and designed for His pleasure. Prepare yourself for this new season as we enter into this coming revival of His love. FREE!

September 8th, 2018

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March 10th-Saturday
10 AM-1 PM

Deliverance from Regions of Darkness

Deliverance from stubborn chronic conditions whether in the body or soul.

This is a great class for those of you who sense a captivity, a feeling of being trapped or you have gone through deliverance but demons just come right back again. It is also is a  great class for those of you who are in the deliverance ministry as it will give you yet another strategy to help those who can’t seem to break free.

The Bible speaks of regions and lands that are spiritual places of the soul that we may for a variety of reasons become captive. King David described pits, gates, and spiritual regions of the soul. For example, he describes in the Psalms the Land of Forgetfulness or the Land of Silence. Other books of the Bible speak of the Land of Jackals, Shadow Lands and the Land of Wandering etc.

Come and discover how the Bible reveals these areas so you may walk in your true identity where you are seated with full authority in Heavenly Regions with Christ Jesus. Shift into the freedom that has been already bought and paid for by Christ!   Come and get healed and set free for good!

Let us know you are coming! Call 727-461-1100 Kathleen Peck, Pastor

Or email:  Click on the Contact Page at the top of this page.

NO charge.




Below are a few or our past successful events 2017-2018!

If you missed them, stay tuned for more exciting encounters with God.

 “Christmas is for Worship”

December 23rd 7 PM to 9 PM
Worship, Candlelight, and Communion
Refreshments following
Night of worship celebrating Jesus who brought the LIght unto a dark world.   Kent Henry, well-known psalmist, and songwriter will lead us in a night of adoration.


Georgian and Winnie Banov
“Fresh Wind for 2018”
December 29th-Friday 7 PM
A fresh wind is blowing, and God wants to flood your life with His love and supernatural power.

Even though it seems like the world may be spinning out of control around us, this really is the most exciting time to be alive. A fresh word is burning in my heart for the church, 
and I pray that you are able to seize this opportunity to join us -- a fresh wind is blowing, God has stunning plans for you! Love, Georgian









Dove Company Prophetic Summit with Dr. James Maloney

February 9th-Friday 7 PM
February 10th-Saturday 7 PM
February 11th-Sunday 10 AM


Dr. James Maloney will be ministering prophetically as well as building faith for healing.  The supernatural accompanies his ministry with heavenly encounters, metal disappears from bodies, and the prophetic, words of knowledge flow liberally under the atmosphere of an open heaven.


Sanctuary is full for Friday and Saturday nights.  We still have a few seats left in the Overflow room, but if necessary, we will put speakers in the courtyard and open up the doors!   




Healing School, Training, and Activation

November 2nd Thur  7 PM-9 PM
November 3rd Fri 7 PM-9 PM
November 4th Sat 10 AM-3 PM

This is the season to arise in the anointing and giftings the Holy Spirit has given us.   Three sessions of teaching, training, and activation in the realm of the supernatural that will inspire confidence and faith to minister to those who are oppressed.

Need healing?  This class is for you!   NO CHARGE


432 hz Worship Experience
John Carter-Taste of Manna Ministries

November 11th-Saturday    7 PM to 10 PM


Steve Meyering, Prophet
Glory Rain Ministries

November 19th-Sunday 10 AM and 7 PM

432 hz Worship Experience with John Carter