Deliverance from Regions of Darkness

By November 3, 2019Events

Did you know there are regions of darkness that can trap your soul?

November 16th-Saturday
10 AM to 12:30 PM

Please register: Clearwater Healing House  No registration fee.

This class will answer a lot of questions as to why you might still be struggling in an area even after deliverance.

The bible mentions places which are not actual geographical locations: Land of Forgetfulness -you feel constantly overlooked, rejected and alone. Land of Jackals-you feel chased and your increase is always being devoured. Land of Wandering-you have a hard time committing to a church body and personal relationships are difficult. There are pits, holes, prisons, and iron gates that keep us blind in the darkness.

Love has already made the way! No longer walk in the darkness. 


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