Ark of the Covenant Presentation

By August 26, 2019Events

Dr. Tony Tudela has created one of the most amazing replications of the Ark of Covenant we have physically seen to date.  He has taken the utmost care to be Biblically accurate right down to the smallest detail. His insight and revelation pertaining to the shadow and types are inspiring as Jesus the Messiah is unveiled from the Old Covenant into the tabernacle of the New Covenant.

He has also accurately reproduced the garment of the High Priest and the Breast Plate which contains real gems and pure gold thread.  The Ark itself weighs over 600 lbs. due to the gold mirrors, acacia wood etc.

A Love offering will be taken.  Pleased be prepared to sow. It will bless us and help to cover all the expenses.  Thank you in advance!

Invite your friends for this opportunity to have the shadows and types come alive!

Yeshua haMachiach ben Yehovah, Jesus the Anointed One the Son of God, has manifested Himself in these last days to redeem us back unto Himself. His purpose and intentions of joining us to Himself in glory and in the beauty of holiness is clearly unveiled.  And the Spirit and bride say, “Come!”


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